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Here you find high-quality car model arts 100% "Made in Germany". The models are cast from precious metals such as stainless steel, silver, gold and white gold.

We offer customization of models from different car manufacturers in size, material, alloying and finishing with crystals. The model can decorate your showcase or delight you daily as a key fob. The detailed and filigree processing is implemented in the scales 1:87 to 1:66 what finds his incentive just in case of closer consideration. They are made for people who estimate the special and love.

The models are extravagantly produced in pure manual labour and are unique in their kind, what lends special exclusivity to the object. For every individual part of the model a mould must be produced specially which is used only once. Therefore, every customer order can be formed individually. We come with special care on the images of our customers and move the most unusual wishes in reality. Challenge us!

On account of the low numbers of pieces, it can be looked in addition to the material value by his position as a unique specimen as a value arrangement, because there is not such a model the second spot.

The objects are made only on order and are developed and built for every customer individually. Every model is expelled with a certificate with the used material and amount.